Sinclair: Artist to Watch

When a concert’s opening act makes you stop and listen, you know they’re something special. With matching rainbow splatter-paint shirts and a quirky, unique aura, Sinclair has the potential to be the next big thing (upon telling her that in person, she was very appreciative for this remark).

Immediately after their set and in-between Daughtry’s opening, the lead singer, Julia Sinclair, announced the band would be meeting fans for free right outside in the main hallway. Standing in line, one of the musicians passed around a tablet to sign up for the band newsletter, ensuring that we wouldn’t forget about them long after the concert ended, not that we were going to anyway. It all ran like clockwork; buy merchandise, have it signed, maybe get a photograph. Despite this, the trio of musicians making up Sinclair couldn’t have been any more kind. When meeting Sinclair herself, she made a point to look you right your eyes, shake your hand, and ask you questions about yourself. She even complimented my floral bomber jacket. This attention to immediately getting personal with fans and not rushing them right along made it easy to add “humble” to her star quality as a performer.

Although she got her start in Nashville, the music isn’t country; it’s an original pop rock mix with cool guitar riffs and delicate piano solos. The “wow” moment was her song “This Too Shall Pass”, a lyrically transparent ode diving into perseverance through situations that don’t seem to have an end in sight. Sinclair’s voice is phenomenal, and is magnified in songs such as “Heaven on Earth”, where she belts out about how true love is essential to a fulfilled life. However, she unexpectedly turned up the intensity with edgier songs such as “Barcelona” and her hit, “Pop! Champagne”, even breaking into a synchronized dance routine with the other members, proving labels don’t belong on her.

Sinclair is the feel-good kind of artist we need right now. The music is sweet mixed with sensual, entirely self-produced with nothing artificial in sound, and the members are members of or allies to the LGBT community.

One thing is clear: Sinclair’s artistic persona, and her future, is as bright and colorful as those rainbow shirts.

Follow Sinclair on Twitter @igobySinclair and keep up-to-date with new happenings on

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