Introducing Nessa Dove: A Shining Star When The World Needs Her Most

Of all the marks of a great artist, the biggest is when they can hook you with simply a guitar in hand, paired with an angelic voice; the perfect recipe for undeniable talent. Enter Nessa Dove, an up-and-coming gem of a singer sparkling bright in a league of her own, who puts equal effort into her craft as she does into making the world a better place.

Listening to Nessa sing so effortlessly does to the ears what a great espresso does to the palette: it’s ultra smooth, perks you up, then leaves you wanting more. Her debut single, ‘Light It Up’, perfectly encapsulates her calm, cool and collected identity as an artist. While her smile and positive aura are contagious, her tone simultaneously provides quite the relaxing effect. It’s easy to tell that her intentions are pure, so it’s refreshing to see that she doesn’t and won’t conform to anything she doesn’t feel comes from her soul.

However, her best song to date is her newest release, ‘Stay Strong’. If there were such a thing, this track honestly could, and should, be the theme song of our unpredictable, depressing realities as of late. Nessa generously provides hope in the form of lyrical sunshine so it stays stuck in your head and makes you repeat it to yourself without even realizing it. The more Nessa sings the “Stay Strong” mantra, the easier it is to not feel alone and believe that, in fact, everything really will be alright. By clearly caring about others as much, if not more than her own self by sharing diverse stories in this video, she’s a perfect example of using her gifts and platform for good. In addition to writing her own inspirational songs such as this, she’s also started a tee shirt line, where portions of the proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations, including Know Your Rights (

As she continues in the business, she’s so bound for greatness that not even the sky’s the limit, but this Dove is surely going to soar.

(Want more Nessa? Duh, of course you do. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify @nessadove and visit her website at

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