Time to ‘listen’ to Aly & AJ again

The past few years have seen a joyous revival of many decade-past beloved Disney favorites, such as The Jonas Brothers, High School Musical, and (almost) Lizzie McGuire. Although these two underrated women never technically took a hiatus, they’re coming back out swinging in full force in 2021 with their first album in 14 years, so it’s time to tune in to Aly & AJ once more.

In true social-media-age fashion, the sibling duo announced their return to the forefront on TikTok, with the cryptic caption, “#newalbumcomingsoon”. Since the announcement, they re-released their most famous single (who could forget it?) ‘Potential Breakup Song’, along with an explicit version to delight their fans who have since grown up. Their newest single, ‘Listen’, the first song off the unnamed album-to-come, features a laidback vibe that would seamlessly fit in any feel-good rom-com or coming-of-age story.

Although they’ve typically unfairly flown under the radar, this pair have the talent and creative ability to pursue whichever realm of entertainment they’d like to: acting, singing, activism, the list can go on. Whether or not ‘Listen’ sets the tone for the entire album is unclear, as they’ve previously demonstrated they’re just as powerful on their ballads as they are on their snappy, up-tempo tracks and not exploring every avenue in their case would be a waste. If once thing proves to be true however, time away to grow as people and musicians only makes the comeback that much stronger, and that’ll no doubt prove to be the case for super sisters Aly & AJ.

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