Remembering pop pioneer SOPHIE

As the tragic news of SOPHIE Xeon’s passing is still sinking in, let’s take a look back on the successful but unfortunately short-lived career of the Scottish musician.

Like many stars-to-be, SOPHIE had humble beginnings, and fell in love with music in the most natural of ways by simply repeatedly listening to cassette tapes that belonged to SOPHIE’s father. That led to SOPHIE then learning how to DJ, be a producer, bandmate, then a solo artist, constantly learning the tricks of the trade and then seeing about how to bend them.

SOPHIE believed that EDM was really the future of music, so while SOPHIE excelled in that specialized genre, SOPHIE also often referenced pop and disco. SOPHIE’s videos were visually eye-popping and certainly unique, as delivering the unexpected seemed to be a niche that thrilled SOPHIE most. This refusal to be labeled and traditional garnered SOPHIE the attention of The Grammys by receiving an album nomination in 2018 and opportunities to work for many heavy-hitters such as Madonna, Charlie XCX and Nicki Minaj.

SOPHIE’s 2017 single, “It’s Ok To Cry”, was a huge career milestone, as it portrayed SOPHIE coming out as a transgender female and was the first time SOPHIE’s actual likeness was used. The song became a powerful anthem about self-acceptance and seemed to be an exciting focal point for fans to connect and grow alongside SOPHIE’s rise that seemed to be just beginning.

Despite only having two albums released during SOPHIE’s time in the industry, SOPHIE’s impact on the industry in regards to free expression, experimentation, self-love/representation and breaking boundaries, will no doubt prove to pave the way for artists to come. Gone too soon, Rest In Peace to SOPHIE, to whom the musical sky was the limit.

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