“Dangerous Woman” earns Ariana Grande safe success

Though she be but little, she is fierce, or rather, Grande. Within 2 years, Ariana Grande has become one of the music industry’s most in-demand artists, so her third full-length studio album had to be substancial. 2014’s “My Everything” was all about propelling Grande’s name to worldwide success, with obvious hits such as “Problem, “Break Free” and “Bang Bang”, just to name a few. In contrast, 2016’s “Dangerous Woman” focuses on Grande declaring her unique style, what she wants to be remembered for. It’s more sultry, absolutely, but it’s also a step in the right direction for her to not be an artist people either forget about or don’t take seriously enough.

The title track, “Dangerous Woman”, along with “Be Alright”, are classic Grande hits that standout from the album. “Side to Side” marks Grande’s third collaboration with Nicki Minaj, and it doesn’t seem out of place, because her sound is shifting to an edgier realm. “Let Me Love You” is the most “dangerous” of them all, with special guest Lil Wayne even admitting in his rap “okay, Ariana my lil mama, say goodbye to that good girl”.

“Greedy” is a something that everybody can get behind, with it’s funk-based sound, upbeat tempo, and lyrics that can and will stay in any listener’s head. “Leave Me Lonely” is particularly interesting, with Macy Gray’s unique parts adding to the uneasy vibe of the track, as it’s about a unhealthy relationship that needs to end but just won’t quit.

The disappointing and possibly out-of-place songs are “Everyday” and “Sometimes”. Maybe it could be played in a club, but the lyrics to “Everyday” seem very lacking in comparison to the rest of the album, with a beat that sounds oh-too familiar. “Sometimes” isn’t sonically cohesive to the rest of “Dangerous Woman”, as if it belongs on Grande’s past albums.

Ariana Grande’s vocal range is so diverse that she always sounds incredible on every song, whether it has more R&B-rap influence, or pop origins. She already has a killer voice, and it looks like she now has a defining album to match.

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