5 Seconds of Summer “Sounds Live Feels Live” on new punk-pop tour

If you think 5 Seconds of Summer is the stereotypical mold of 4 squeaky clean foreign guys crooning bubblegum pop, actually give them a listen.

What separates 5SOS from their heartthrob competitors is their ability to fill in the music industry gap where fans can bring something to bring home to mom and dad, while simultaneously thriving off something more edgy. It’s safe to say there’s room for them in the world of teen sensations, but 5SOS has proved they aren’t an overproduced cliche.

Their “Sounds Live Feels Live” Tour (they call it “SLFL” for short), stop at the Hersheypark Pavilion in Hershey PA, on July 2nd, 2016 exceeded my expectations along with the fellow fan I attended with. Not that we were expecting it to be bad, because we obviously bought tickets, but due to the realization we had after the concert, 5SOS really doesn’t get the credit they deserve. These four Australians were giving it their all up their on the stage, never once was it noticeable that they even had a track backing them up while singing. Much like the tour’s name suggested, it was certainly live, and felt even more so.

If you can’t head-bang to their song “Good Girls” when you hear it live, you definitely don’t appreciate them enough.

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